AA Studio

About the studio

We are a design studio working with AI solutions to create unique experiences for all purposes.

Artificial intelligence has come a long way since its very beginnings and still isn’t at its peak yet. We are early adopters when it comes to new technology, striving to keep up with what’s new and be ahead of what will be next. Not every new invention is worth adapting for the long run, so we keep our focus only on the solutions that really make a differnce.

We have a deep understanding of how to use the technology and a strong emphasis on communication with you, the people. Being open-minded, we can deliver on all sorts of requests. You can give us your creative ideas and input or let us work autonomously. We always encourage the exchange of knowledge. A complete list of our services can be found down below.

What services do we offer?


Art Direction

Brand Analysis

Commercial Campaigns

Design Consulting

Brand Design

Corporate Design

Print Media

Company Colors

Logo Creation

Corporate Clothing

Interior Design

Digital Art

Graphic Design

Motion Graphics


3D Objects

Story/Mood Boards

Web & Interface Design


Landing Pages

Web Applications

Online Shops


Editorial Design


Annual Reports

Album Art



No idea of how advertising works, or you want to launch a new campaign? We got all the creativity and craftsmanship to realize it.

Event Design for digital and print media. We got you covered with everything from formal to creative events. 

Shaping the future

Existence in an ever evolving world of design and art

It is important to keep your aims high In a day-to-day evolving environment. Design should never be about competition, design for us is about staying outstanding in a world highly dense and full of new visual impressive input. Therefore we try to work as effectively as possible with the highest amount of care for detail in the same process. Keeping up this standard is not easy, but the key factor to the successful realization of our projects.

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